Peter Tozer - Carpet Consultantr

Peter Tozer grew up in Cambridge, England, and moved to Cornwall with his family in 1962.

Peter has been involved in the flooring industry since 1972, when he joined his brother’s distribution business as a flooring sales representative. This involved specializing in Armstrong Cork Company resilient flooring and contract carpet products.

After several years in the distribution sector, he joined the French manufacturer Sommer Allibert: first as an area salesman then as a regional sales manager for the South West of England.

In 1982 Peter set up his own carpet and resilient flooring wholesale distribution company. With a turnover in excess of a million pounds and employing thirteen people, his knowledge and expertise were often put to the test. After twelve years in this business, he set up a retail carpet warehouse and contract flooring company, which he ran for fifteen years before selling it to one of his contractors.

Today he is an independent carpet consultant and quality claims inspector for several major carpet manufacturers. In this role he advises consumers on a wide range of flooring issues as well as inspecting and reporting material quality complaints.

Over the years, Peter has also built and published several websites for his own and other small businesses.


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